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Saturday, July 9, 2011

M-Commerce or Smart Phone Searches

If you want to stop all messages to your Smart Phone.....- then call Homeland Security! You can't stop progress but you can start with your telecommunication provider- verizon, ATT, Sprint , Team Mobile. Whoever has your contract is probably the biggest offender or spammer with "free text" IM. Privacy laws vary from State to State for SMS. Most require that you opt in to allow access to your phone. Opt out, not in, if you don't want coupons and offers.

E-commerce is all internet commerce. M-commerce relates to all business transacted on Smart Phones with Internet connectivity which is projected to reach $ONE TRILLION$ by 2015. Desktop PC's will become extinct, practically, as more functions are transferred to Mobile. Convert your business to Mobile platforms and you will be a winner out ahead of the herd. Mobile is 24/7 connectivity and represents the "convergence" point of all technology. "Beam us up, Scottie" from Star Trek is still in the distant future but in the minds of developers.

Everyone needs "mobile" services now with only 5% of dot com websites "mobile ready".
Ours is an information campaign for retailers but marketing firms love mobile because of GPS or geolocation knowledge of internet searchers, i.e., shoppers, and traceable results.

The immediate future is Mobile and Local. More than fifty percent of all web searches in the USA are initiated from mobile devices. Google Wallet is rolling out to facilitate "tap phone" to pay kiosk instant payment at retail shops. Follow the money!

Gerry Gilligan, Partner 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hub Pages, Laughter and Love

Some writer friends of mine and I have engaged in a weekly challenge for the past month. We've written about passion, kisses, friendship and most recently, laughter. 

Hubpages is a multimedia platform for writers of all skill levels and I have written and published there for more than three years. Hub construction utilizes separate capsules for text, photos, videos, links, maps, surveys, and comments.  As traffic to your published Hub increases, so to do the number of regular followers who appreciate your work and artistry.  Your Hub capsules can be organized and arranged as you prefer with the comments always at the end. 

Sometimes the conversational exchanges in the comment section are more extensive and interesting than the original article. Such was the case in the Hub which I wrote about the work of the poet and artist, Charles 'Hank' Bukowski.

I'm pleased with my latest published Hub which made me both laugh and cry during its creation. Take a look and you'll understand why laughter and tears cannot be addressed separately.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freedomain Radio Podcasts

Freedomain Radio Podcasts Though philosophy and metaphysics challenge me, they confuse me too. Listen yourself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

barbed wire

barbed wire

if one can stand, then one must rise to fullest height

if only kneel, then kneel erect in brave dignity;

if beaten to the ground by the despots cruel might

then lift your head to meet the crush of tyranny.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mobile Marketing Forum | LinkedIn

Mobile Marketing Forum | LinkedIn
Gerry GilliganTammy, that's a great use and application for a QR code. You can prepare your own name tag to wear at any event that includes your own QR code. If you are fashion conscious, and I assume you are, you can now create your own QR Code in living color. You can create a brand new business card for each event for free and the rainbow is your only limit. You can link to my Company website from my linked in profile page. Mobile Marketing Menu provides a FREE QR Code rainbow generator. It doesn't make a rainbow but you can use any color in the rainbow spectrum - or black, if that's the evening fashion. A single name tag can generate hundreds of business cards in the smart phones of colleagues and customers. Of course those smart phones will first need to download a free mobile app to read and translate the code. This may eventually put the business card printers out of business. Keep up the good work. people need to be freaked out to open their eyes and mind to the destination of our industry

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

21st Century Heroine Fights Addiction and Ghosts of Christmas Past

21st Century Heroine Fights Addiction and Ghosts of Christmas Past : This article and poem were inspired by a friend whom I have never met in person and yet we know each other well from our writings, poetry and email. Twenty years ago, we would never have met. And yet fate has thrown us together. I am richer for the experience and introduce you to my dear friend, Kimberly.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Energy Solutions

I wouldn't waste a stamp on snail mail to justify my Congressman's existence. The words of citizens fall on deaf ears in D.C.. Shale Gas is the salvation of America. The oil companies are investing and ramping up production. Our commercial fleets are converting to natural gas and the entire fleet will be transformed in seven years. America leads the world in this resource and it can now be produced without further delay. We can dump nuclear completely just like Germany - the only economically successful European country. We have a one hundred year supply of this shale gas and can set up our own OPEC and regulate export with an export duty to dig us out of debt. Leave the windmills to the Dutch.

The best sustainable energy for the future is hydroelectric power, just like with dams. However, the water power to harness is tidal movement which goes two ways and never stops. From coast to coast to coast, Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf, we can install new tidal engines and light this country up like BROADWAY. Get rid of the lobbyists who slow down progress. Regulate the Banks like in the days of savings and loan and hold them accountable to local depositors. God Bless America.