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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blazing Sun
Piercing the autumn clouds
above the shrouds
of Gettysburg
where brother slayed brother
and father slayed son
as metal tore flesh
and shattered bone
and blood irrigated fields
and seeds of enmity sown
and equality was grown
by proclamation
and Address

and so many were
laid to rest
in reverie
of One Nation
under God.
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Tom Rubenoff is fine poet who pubishes on Hubpages and his own WordPress poetry blog which I follow. Tom recently wrote a poem about a refrigerator magnet which inspired some additional thoughts of mine which I included in my comment. "One man's meat is another man's poison" but one poet's thoughts are another poet's inspiration.


Tom: The energy images are electric and eclectic. When magnetism is finally fully harnessed as a sustainable energy source, then mankind's greatest hunger will be sated. Since the first log was thrown on the first fire, man has required heat and cold to heat and cool his food for preservation and self-preservation.  In short, man's hunger has fueled his need to harness energy- oxen,horse and slave - for plowing, irrigation and harvest and distribution. Oil has replaced much physical labor - calories- but needs to be replaced itself. Wealth was first created through energy but now wealth obstructs technology for its own advantage. The refrigerator magnet is a fine metaphor for what is needed to fuel that refrigerator and to produce its content. I bet there is some clue in the phrase "animal magnetism".

I am a magnet
On the refrigerator door
Holding a picture of your love
By choice
Surrounded by a cloud of electrons
Some of which belong to you
Others like stray-dog-spirits
Once fed
Nipping at unconscious consciousness
Throughout busy motionless
Days on display
Feeling magnetism decaying
Tenuous temporal hold
Attraction bled
Your thoughts visit
The refrigerator
Every day
When they get food
For your reality
I hold a picture
Over my face
While a pack of wild minutes
Bark and drown
My voice

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