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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kindred Spirits

History is what it is and can't and shouldn't be changed by revisionism. We all carry the values and spirits of our ancestors.  Today, I write not for myself but for those who came before me and for those who will follow. I am in the flow.

Everything and one passes to the next realm from which all of this realm may be seen and I believe, touched from the netherworld. Our courage, strength, wisdom, serenity, kindness, and talent (our spirits) are touched by the spirits of our ancestors, the communion of saints, with whom we choose to stay in tune. There is a higher power of the universe, A Creator.  This, I know. That spirit and power, that divinity, is within me.

I do not need to believe that my heart is beating.  This, I know. I am alive. Death is inevitable. Everyone dies eventually. Living is merely the process of dying which begins from the moment of our birth.

Birth and death have been the subject of ritual in every primitive and remote tribe and every advanced society and civilization of humanity.  Independent of each other, each tribe or civilization has come to know that there is a creator, a provider, a spiritual element in the universe.  Individual "belief" systems are not important and evolve through stories and legends and discourse. 

As if implanted in our DNA, all human society has fashioned some explanation of the heavens or universe, the earth, creation, nature, birth, death, providence, celebration, marriage and  an afterlife.  Anthropologists examine the detail and differences but find common elements. The belief in the existence of a supernatural power, the fear and/or love of that power, the reliance and/or dependence upon the supernatural power and the need to pray, worship and sacrifice to have relationship with the supernatural are common threads.  This has occurred among human beings from the beginning of primitive tribes in the most remote pacific islands to densest jungle to frozen tundra.  This is not random coincidence.  There is synchronicity.

Common fears, beliefs and needs drew men together in community through cooperation in hunting, gathering, building shelter and raising young.  But the animus was and remains our primary nature.  As with the rest of the animal kingdom, survival and procreation are the drivers of our species.   Violence and ingenuity have  proven to be the genetic strands which have emerged victorious in the battle of the fittest. Physical might and weapons facilitated the domination and enslavement and exploitation of one group of humans by another. This is the story and history of mankind to the present.

Ingenuity developed religious, political and commercial systems to mollify resistance to enslavement and paint the appearance of liberty and free will on the canvass of commerce and industry.  Fostered fear and national loyalty served their purpose for a time.  Now, the last vestiges of the family unit are collapsing under the weight of materialism under the banner of individuality.  This erosion of the family has released countless family farms into the marketplace.

This is the heritage of all humanity which has been oppressed by global economic interests which would sheer us from the land, destroy our roots, destroy our tribal culture, undermine our families with the toxicity of materialism, greed, avarice, hatred and fear. We have become dominated by the fear of economic insecurity, homelessness, hunger, lack of medical coverage, and not having or getting what we think we want.

Our needs have been dictated to us by three generations of advertising and media inundation. Consumerism has been chiseled into our subconsciousness by artful brainwashing and subliminal messaging. Me, Me, Me, and mine, mine, mine have become the mantra of self centeredness by intentional design of those who have so much and only want MORE.

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