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Saturday, July 9, 2011

M-Commerce or Smart Phone Searches

If you want to stop all messages to your Smart Phone.....- then call Homeland Security! You can't stop progress but you can start with your telecommunication provider- verizon, ATT, Sprint , Team Mobile. Whoever has your contract is probably the biggest offender or spammer with "free text" IM. Privacy laws vary from State to State for SMS. Most require that you opt in to allow access to your phone. Opt out, not in, if you don't want coupons and offers.

E-commerce is all internet commerce. M-commerce relates to all business transacted on Smart Phones with Internet connectivity which is projected to reach $ONE TRILLION$ by 2015. Desktop PC's will become extinct, practically, as more functions are transferred to Mobile. Convert your business to Mobile platforms and you will be a winner out ahead of the herd. Mobile is 24/7 connectivity and represents the "convergence" point of all technology. "Beam us up, Scottie" from Star Trek is still in the distant future but in the minds of developers.

Everyone needs "mobile" services now with only 5% of dot com websites "mobile ready".
Ours is an information campaign for retailers but marketing firms love mobile because of GPS or geolocation knowledge of internet searchers, i.e., shoppers, and traceable results.

The immediate future is Mobile and Local. More than fifty percent of all web searches in the USA are initiated from mobile devices. Google Wallet is rolling out to facilitate "tap phone" to pay kiosk instant payment at retail shops. Follow the money!

Gerry Gilligan, Partner 

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