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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hub Pages, Laughter and Love

Some writer friends of mine and I have engaged in a weekly challenge for the past month. We've written about passion, kisses, friendship and most recently, laughter. 

Hubpages is a multimedia platform for writers of all skill levels and I have written and published there for more than three years. Hub construction utilizes separate capsules for text, photos, videos, links, maps, surveys, and comments.  As traffic to your published Hub increases, so to do the number of regular followers who appreciate your work and artistry.  Your Hub capsules can be organized and arranged as you prefer with the comments always at the end. 

Sometimes the conversational exchanges in the comment section are more extensive and interesting than the original article. Such was the case in the Hub which I wrote about the work of the poet and artist, Charles 'Hank' Bukowski.

I'm pleased with my latest published Hub which made me both laugh and cry during its creation. Take a look and you'll understand why laughter and tears cannot be addressed separately.


  1. Fabulous and I love the plug

    Thank you

    Though I should be first ya know!