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Thursday, June 2, 2011


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Knowing that you are in another realm and just about to rise,
My steady hand is at the helm to guide your waking eyes;
Pensively, I wait your day and all the joy it brings,
My ready heart is at the port in need of your supplies.
Apart in sleep can bare be borne,
without you, left forlorn;
Jumpstart my heart wth flickering lash,
from darkness yet be torn.
Ignite the dawn with an earthy yawn,
spare not the stretch of arms;
thrust out your breasts to my heaving chest,
crush me in your embrace.
Once day has dawned, I'm n'er alone,
again we share the sphere;
your hoarsened words sing comfort tones;
as my eyes shed their tear.

Gerry Gilligan, c. 2009 -2011, copyright, all rights reserved
a/k/a sligobay

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