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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Energy Solutions

I wouldn't waste a stamp on snail mail to justify my Congressman's existence. The words of citizens fall on deaf ears in D.C.. Shale Gas is the salvation of America. The oil companies are investing and ramping up production. Our commercial fleets are converting to natural gas and the entire fleet will be transformed in seven years. America leads the world in this resource and it can now be produced without further delay. We can dump nuclear completely just like Germany - the only economically successful European country. We have a one hundred year supply of this shale gas and can set up our own OPEC and regulate export with an export duty to dig us out of debt. Leave the windmills to the Dutch.

The best sustainable energy for the future is hydroelectric power, just like with dams. However, the water power to harness is tidal movement which goes two ways and never stops. From coast to coast to coast, Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf, we can install new tidal engines and light this country up like BROADWAY. Get rid of the lobbyists who slow down progress. Regulate the Banks like in the days of savings and loan and hold them accountable to local depositors. God Bless America.

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