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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mobile Marketing Forum | LinkedIn

Mobile Marketing Forum | LinkedIn
Gerry GilliganTammy, that's a great use and application for a QR code. You can prepare your own name tag to wear at any event that includes your own QR code. If you are fashion conscious, and I assume you are, you can now create your own QR Code in living color. You can create a brand new business card for each event for free and the rainbow is your only limit. You can link to my Company website from my linked in profile page. Mobile Marketing Menu provides a FREE QR Code rainbow generator. It doesn't make a rainbow but you can use any color in the rainbow spectrum - or black, if that's the evening fashion. A single name tag can generate hundreds of business cards in the smart phones of colleagues and customers. Of course those smart phones will first need to download a free mobile app to read and translate the code. This may eventually put the business card printers out of business. Keep up the good work. people need to be freaked out to open their eyes and mind to the destination of our industry

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